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We had an interview with Marat before he left Melbourne

Q. Hi how do u feel today after your match yesterday?

M. I am still tired I didnt get much sleep because I was thinking about the match and about the fact that I could have done more to win it.

Q. How will u summarize this tournament? Are u disappointed?

M. Not really, u all know that I hate losing, but I have a goal to get back in the top ten this year, and first of all to be healthy the whole year. This was the first step in this direction. But I still think I could have played better and maybe get in less trouble in the first two rounds.

Q. U are traveling home today its a long flight how do u spend your time in these long flights?

M. It is a very very long flight, I am flying from here to Singapore, staying on the plane for two hours on the ground then flying to Vienna arriving tomorrow morning and after 4 hours I will continue to Moscow and I will arrive in the afternoon so its about thirty hours which is a lot. I am so tired that I will sleep a lot. And try to finish the book I am reading.

Q. may we ask which book it is?

M. Its a Russian history book which is my favorite subject as u may well know.

Q. When are u flying to Chile for Davis cup?

M. I am leaving on Saturday.

Q. On your birthday?

M. yes I will celebrate on the plane with my coach and doctor with a glass of wine, as long as I play I have to do what is right for my career I do not have too many years and I will have enough time for celebrations when I am done.

Q. U only won Davis cup one and a half months ago and all ready a difficult challenge to defend the title.

M. I know Its crazy they dont let u enjoy the victory too long. Its a very hard match against a strong team and we are playing away from home which makes it even harder.

Massu and Gonzales are very strong players and I hope that all our players will play in the tie and that we will have a strong team as well.

Q. It will be a long trip for u.

M. True after Chile I travel to the US, I will play San Jose, Las Vegas, a week off for practice in Los Angeles, Indian Wells, and Miami. So I will be away from home again for more then 2 month, well this is my life I cant complain, its my work, I love this game, it gave me so much and also the life of other players are not easy so we have to do what we have to do to be competitive in this sport.

J. we wish u a great trip home and to Chile, and your fans are looking forward to greeting u for your birthday.

M. I want to thank all my fans for all the support, I love u all and I hope to give u many moments of joy this year. Take care.

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